Summer Internships with Eris Industries

I’ll get straight to the point:

1. Application prerequisites

  • You must be old enough to vote and be proficient in English.

2. Informal points

  • We’re thinking we’ll probably get applications from current students/recent graduates from university or postgraduate courses, although this is not set in stone. Current or former students of any discipline are welcome to apply.

  • You’ll be programming. So… yeah. You will need to know how to do that. Our stack is built on a backbone of javascript (node.js), golang, smart contracts and container automation using docker, docker-compose – experience in at least two of these technologies not required but preferable.

  • Digging smart contracts and blockchains helps, but isn’t necessary, as this is a pretty niche field (I think there are only two businesses in the world that do it at the moment, of which ours is one).

3. Application requirements

  • Read this carefully.

  • Send a short CV or precis of your previous work/study experience in .PDF format.

  • Write a 250 word project proposal for an open-source, smart contract-driven distributed application and submit it in markdown by pull request to our Internship Applications repo. Do not do this if you do not want your proposal to become public and open-source (Creative Commons licence).

  • We’ll contact you within two weeks if we’d like to take the application further.

  • Regrettably, as we’re a small team we will only be able to take on one or two interns this summer. The stack, however, is open-source - so please feel free to play around with it, and to join our friendly community. We’d love to hang out!

4. What will happen

  • We will teach you the Tao of DAO. You will learn, work on your project, open-source it, and win eternal glory.

5. Place of work

  • Anywhere. Our corporate HQ is in London, United Kingdom, but the team is actually spread out all over the place.

6. Duration

  • 8-12 weeks, depending on what works.

7. Stipend

  • We will pay you a small monthly stipend.