Eris is a platform for building, testing, maintaining, and operating distributed applications with a blockchain backend. Eris makes it easy and simple to wrangle the dragons of smart contract blockchains.

The Eris Platform

eris helps developers build applications which leverage a software design paradigm we call Participatory Architecture. Using distributed and peer-to-peer systems, eris allows the creation of data-driven, interactive distributed applications that can be safely, securely, and reliably deployed and managed.

eris significantly lowers the barrier to entry for the production, distribution and maintenance of distributed applications. All while allowing users or other orgnaizations to easily and simply participate in the scaling and data security of the application.


eris:cli is the gateway to the eris platform. The eris tool is centered around a very few concepts:

  • services – things that you turn on or off
  • chains – develop permissioned chains
  • contracts – our smart contract tool chain
  • actions – step by step processes

These concepts (along with a few other goodies) provide the core functionality of what we think a true distributed application would look like.

Please see the documentation for more on eris:cli.

Get Started Using eris