It is my great pleasure to announce that Brian Fabian Crain’s first day as Eris’ Head of Business Development is today. Brian will be helping us build out our startup outreach programme, continue our enterprise outreach programme, as well as working on the myriad of other ancillary tasks necessary to build out our capacity in this area. As with any new business, in the early days, we all have to wear more hats than would be ideal, and Brian will be no exception.

I have not actually “known” Brian for very long, but I feel like I have. The podcast he co-hosts, Epicenter Bitcoin, has long been a staple in my rotation. Indeed, it was to Brian and his co-host, Sébastien, that I was listening on the train ride up to Amsterdam in March, 2014 to go the very first Amsterdam Ethereum Meetup; more or less the genesis block which began my descent into the smart contract rabbit hole. Throughout my journey with this technology, I have always enjoyed Brian’s perspective on the challenges that the technology is able to address within real world systems as well as the challenges which the technology itself faces.

With a strong background in both existing finance methodologies as well as a range of economic schools of thought, Brian will be playing an integral role within Eris going forward. It is becoming increasingly apparent that one of the value adds which Eris Industries can provide to enterprises is the building blocks which can become the basis for smart contract-backed application development for specific products offered by the enterprise. In order to build these in a way that is most helpful to enterprises, we require a team which brings skills sets from a variety of disciplines, not the least of which are the powerful behaviourial economics and game theory schools of thought. Brian’s economics pedigree is, frankly, unparalleled, and as such he will be an asset to our interdisciplinary design team.

I’m truly excited to work with Brian not only because of his ability to communicate the challenging subject matter our BD team must communicate, but also due to his deep understanding of blockchain and smart contract systems. He has a proven ability to work through how this technology could properly fit into existing systems in both the enterprise context as well as in the context of newer businesses and business models. This is crucial for us, as we take a very pragmatic point of view toward the technology stack we are developing. We also embrace the reality that blockchain and smart contract based solutions are only one of many ways to skin any particular business problem cat. Finding talented folks who share our pragmaticism is crucial to keeping our internal corporate culture where I want it to be. Luckily, we have done so with Brian.

We have not made any employee hires since we first launched until Brian. This was for a reason. While we are funded and could have afforded to hire more aggressively than we have, it is integral at this stage of our company’s development to be careful stewards of our cash flow. A consequence of this has been that our BD efforts have been a largely ad hoc affair. No more, however, as we feel we have found the right person to be able to work with our existing and potential clients moving forward.

One of my own predominant considerations in making our first ten or so hires, is that whoever we hire early must have the potential to move into leadership positions within the company as Eris grows. One can go get all the “coding monkeys” or “sales monkeys” one wants at any stage of a business, but when thinking about hiring folks, a new business’s CEO should be thinking about hiring not only for now, but for the next five to ten years. Brian’s background clearly shows his capabilities in this area, and I am confident that we have found someone who not only approaches the technology with a similar pragmaticism but is also ambitious enough to want to step into the leadership roles that will open up over time within Eris.

If you are a startup or an enterprise seeking to understand how smart contract technology can help your business processes please do reach out to us at our contact email (listed above in the navigation bar) and Brian will most likely be the one responding to your email. You can also connect with Brian over Twitter at @crainbf.