We at Eris Industries are, obviously, super keen on developers - it’s why we built Thelonious as a blockchain design, rather than a single blockchain, because we recognise that blockchain databases have a much wider range of uses than currencies alone. That’s also why we built the Decerver as a modular Distributed Application server which embraces as much of the distributed tech space as we can.

This includes making sure that all of your favourite protocols can talk to DApps you design. We started this off by including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and IPFS out of the box (as well as Thelonious of course). But now it’s time to let the community – nascent though it is – to take charge a bit and have some fun with the Decerver. Accordingly, it’s BOUNTY TIME (the first of many).

The Bounty

The first individual or group to submit a fully functional XCP module via pull request to our Decerver Interfaces GitHub repository (deprecated) will be awarded:

  • 500,000 DOGE;
  • 5 XCP;
  • a short interview/feature on our company blog (if desired);
  • the first-ever Doug the Smart Contract Marmot Award for Infinite Excellence, and
  • entry of your name into the Eris Industries Hall of Fame, a shrine to decentralised and distributed software development located in the smoking room of our oak-panelled, mahogany-furnished, secret underground base in the City of London.
  • We will also list the Hall of Fame on our blog as, you know, the secret underground base is secret. And underground.

So we can’t just go telling everyone where it is.

Just to be clear, we’re not proposing something like the Ethereum/Counterparty reverse implementation fiesta that took place in November.

Eris isn’t a cryptocurrency - it’s a distributed application platform which allows developers to build DApps that use blockchain databases. What it does mean, however, is that once we’ve got a module, Eris DApps – which, now that we’ve launched, we’re working on in earnest (and we hope you are too!) – should be able to talk to Counterparty assets through our Decerver web browser core in addition to BTC, ETH, THEL, and IPFS.

#2014MarmotAward Bonus Features

Additionally, EI will award two Eris Stars to the developer who accomplishes each of the following achievements:

  • a working Dogecoin module; and
  • a working Dogeparty module.

So if you do both, you’ll get four Eris Stars.

I should remind you that this is no trivial thing. The Marmot Award is the single highest decoration Eris Industries can bestow on anyone, ever, period. It has never been awarded before, not even to the EI Core Devs or even founders of the company. Eris Stars are also somewhat rare - I currently have a mere 12.

We will of course name others to the EI Hall of Fame as time goes by for developing on the platform, usually with prizes named after lesser sciuridae, leporidae, marsupials, or other cuddly critters.

Good luck and godspeed.