The latest hot meme in Bitcoin: shooting down the “Blockchain not Bitcoin” concept by way of little analogies. See, e.g., this particular example from a personal hero of mine, Andreas Antonopoulos:

Naturally I leapt to the defence of the technology upon which this business is founded. So I began:

And then I got a little carried away:

And, being direct:

Followed by an obligatory marmot reference:

It is true that everyone and his sister wants and expects the world to latch onto this or that protocol or this or that single database or this or that service provider and stick with that single vendor, for life, with the expectation that their chosen platform is better than all others.

This is silly. The world doesn’t use one SQL database. It shouldn’t use one blockchain, either. That said, it’s cool to be evangelistic about Bitcoin if that’s your thing. I was too, once upon a time.

But equally, it’s also cool to be evangelistic about using blockchain data structures for all kinds of other stuff. Because, at the end of the day, this stuff is just software.

People should be free to use this technology for whatever they damn well please.

Hence why our platform exists, and is open-source. Blaze your own trail in crypto valley: roll your own personally-tailored blockchain today.