TL;DR: Preston is going to be nice to Bitcoin for an entire month. To start off the lovefest, please enjoy this picture of an adorable tiny puppy.

Part II may be found here.

Long version: For anyone who has followed the company’s musings over the past six months, you may have noticed that I haven’t been entirely kind to Bitcoin. This has been, of course, entirely deliberate in order to differentiate between our marmoty, repeatable database offering and Bitcoin’s more traditional approach to blockchain technology, although it has caused my colleagues - who refer to this weltanschauung as “cuddly marmoteering” - some dismay.

Having been successful in differentiating our offering, if at the risk of appearing slightly abrasive, peer pressure from my company and a dare from a prospective client has resulted in my undertaking the following challenge:

  • play nice with Bitcoin for 30 days and offer only constructive commentary, both in a series of posts on this blog and elsewhere.

It is a challenge I happily accept. If I should fail, I will donate £200 (in fiat) to the Marmot Recovery Foundation, to save the marmots whose homes are being affected by climate change.

Which Bitcoin mining is contributing to. Whoops! I mean, I am cognisant that proof of work is preferred today, but consensus research is advancing constantly. Might I suggest a more electricity-efficient approach such as the Tendermint Protocol as an eco-friendly alternative?

(July 14th is only a month away. How hard could it be?)