This post is in response to a tweet that landed on my desk today. Specifically:

Business for Britain does not speak for our business in Britain:

  1. We’re headquartered in London.

  2. Half of our team is distributed across the European Union/are EU citizens. The functioning of our business as a UK-headquartered company would be substantially impaired if we were cut off from the Four Freedoms guaranteed by the Treaty.

  3. This diversity of nationalities is something we see commonly among other startups and among our clients (large corporates that generate a ton of GDP). We suspect they wouldn’t benefit from Brexit either.

  4. Europe has marmots. The United Kingdom does not (although in mitigation we should point out that the UK has badgers and hedgehogs). Britons should be free from immigration restrictions to say hello to everyone’s favourite species of squirrel.

  5. We think Europe is great. All of it.

We are, therefore, adopting the following corporate position with respect to the EU in-out referendum in the United Kingdom.

Get in.