It is my great pleasure to announce that Zach has joined Eris full time as a Developer for our platform team. Zach has been working with our platform team since September as an intern. Upon the successful completion of his internship we have asked Zach to come on board full time. Although Zach is today, officially a full time, employed marmot, he’s been a honorary marmot since before anyone knew what we had going on.

Zach is passionate about how we can use smart contract and blockchain technology to further open scientific research. As part of his internship, Zach began the Toadserver, a smart contract backed versioned file server. He called it the toad server because of his extensive work researching toad behaviour.

He has already made his mark across the Eris stack both from an education and from a development point of view, having worked on the mint-client tooling, eris-keys, and on the eris-cli. Within the space of a few short months, not only has Zach learned the Go programming language, but he has also taken his coding skills to 11.

As Eris is a small team, we all need to wear a lot of different hats. Zach fits right in. As a scientist first, his natural curiosity takes him not only all over the eris stack, but he also has played a vital support and education role helping others get acquainted with the stack as well as what we are trying to accomplish. He’s built a smart contract backed application from scratch, as well as provided vital development effort throughout the fall.

We look forward to great things from Zach and you should too! Give him a shout on Twitter and ask him about his hens!