It is my great pleasure to announce that Jan has joined Eris full time as our Head of Product.

I first met Jan last spring at an Eris meetup in NYC. At one point in the evening, he came and sat beside me and said,

So, inside my company I wanted to build a smart contract demonstration. I took your stack and your documentation and I gave myself 48 hours. A mini-hackathon over the weekend. Using only what you had on your site I had a working prototype to show off on Monday.

Now that may seem like a fairly banal statement for me to remember it so clearly almost a year later. Until one considers the context.

At this time our stack was extremely complex. Indeed, much more complex in terms of installation path and learning curve than it currently is.

At the time we were lauded as having some of the best documentation in the blockchain industry. However, by enterprise software documentation standards, our docs were atrocious.

The final wrinkle here is that in the Spring we were pretty much the only company claiming that blockchains had a role to play in an enterprise context and most folks who were responsible for building enterprise grade solutions didn’t even know what a blockchain was. And if they did, they only knew about bitcoin’s blockchain.

This is why, in context, what Jan said to me over a few whiskeys that night has stuck with me. Jan has made a career out of developing solutions for financial services companies. He is coming to Eris with almost two decades of experience developing reusable, modular business process automation solutions for enterprises. Which makes him, well, a perfect fit for his new role as Eris’ Head of Product, given how we view smart contract technology as business process improvement software which cuts across stakeholders.

In his capacity as Head of Product Jan will be leading our growing Libraries Team which is responsible for building our libraries of business logic which are linked to various blockchain backends.

We look forward to great things from Jan and you should too! Give him a shout on Twitter, and if you’re in New York feel free to buy him a coffee and let us know how we can best help your organization get up to speed with the next generation of data and process management infrastructure.