It is my great pleasure to announce that has joined Eris as a developer on our libraries team. She will be working out of our New York office but will be working remote most of the time. I’m excited because today I get to move Nina from my super secret Twitter list I call to hire...? to my less secret Twitter list eris staff :-)

Like many others in Eris I came to know Nina over the interwebs. I’m pretty sure this story begins on LinkedIn where Nina added me, and I am pretty sure I accepted and then forgot about it. Until a week or three later when I got one of those LinkedIn notifications that Nina had written a post. And it was about smart contracts. And it was delightful. And it was good. Wait a second, I thought, this is not just some bog lawyer. This lady sees some of the same things we’re seeing. That’s when she was added to the to hire...? twitter list.

To do smart contracts well requires a venn diagram overlap of legal understanding and ability to code. This is not an overlap in which many folks are able to fall. But it is an area which, if we smart contract nerds are going to succeed, must be expanded. And Nina is just the person to help us start to expand that.

Nina will be helping us in two primary areas.

First, even though she is a trained lawyer, you will note from the above she has been hired as a Developer. This is a big, courageous move and one which we hope will trailblaze the path for others to follow. Nina will not only be responsible for working with the subscribers to our libraries product to help them distill their legal obligations and business processes into specifications which we can code to and test for, she will also have responsibilities to write (some of) that code.

Take note lawyers, code is coming for you!

Nina, like the rest of our team at Eris, views smart contracts as a mechanism for enhancing our judicial systems, accountability mechanisms, as well as our business process assurance, and she brings a wealth of experience in real world legal problem solving (much of it at, as the coders say, the edge cases) which will be vital to our ability to assist our clients in their effort to take this technology to the next level. We all understand that it is one thing if the innovation team likes the idea, but if the system is going to be brought to production, risk, legal, and a whole range of other departments need to be on board. This is why it is important that our smart contracts team has a mix of real world legal problem solving as well ability to translate that into code.

The second area we are excited that Nina will be helping with is formalizing and systematizing our legal outreach efforts. This is going to be a big job, but if anybody has the knowledge, background, and communication abilities to pull it off, Nina just may be the human.

We look forward to great things from Nina and you should too! Give her a shout on Twitter, or on her blog and if you’re in Raleigh feel free to buy her a coffee and let us know how we can best help your organization get up to speed with the next generation of data and process management infrastructure.