It is my great pleasure to announce that Ben has joined Eris as a developer on our platform team. Originally from Belguim, Ben will be working from our soon-to-be-opened office in Berlin.

Ben is a physicist and developer by training with extensive experience working on distributed computing. Ben is coming to us most recently from Maidsafe where he helped to refactor the code base into its release-able RUST base code base. In his capacity as Developer for the platform team, Ben will be deeply involved in the building of a scalable, language agnostic, eris chains smart contracts machine.

Personally, I’m excited about Ben’s ability to help us prove with certainty our ability to handle certain vexing problems we will face as we move to a much more modular, component driven chain design away from the monolithic designs that are currently available on the market. His approach to software building is a nice addition to our team, and his experience around privacy in distributed environments is a big win.

Ben told me once that for him the “mission” that he was involved in was much more important than almost anything else in who he decided to reach out to regarding work. That means, ultimately, that he is a marmot at heart. :-)

We look forward to great things from Ben and you should too! Give him a shout on Twitter, and if you’re in Berlin feel free to buy him a beer and let us know how we can best help your organization get up to speed with the next generation of data and process management infrastructure.