We forgot to mention this here on the blog when it happened last month, so following yesterday’s news about PwC we figured it’d be good to formally announce it now.

You can now one-click install a ErisDB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. etc. chain with Eris on Microsoft Azure. Click here for the Azure quick-start templates.

Eris allows you to do awesome stuff with any blockchain design you like, no vendor lock-in required. Eris on Azure lets you do this quickly and easily.

…and, for those of you who are into Bitcoin, not just one Bitcoin. Eris will run all the Bitcoins.

A range of different options for Azure clients are supported and we are continuing to add functionality for new protocols. Per Microsoft’s press release last month:

“(Eris is a) leading platform for industrial applications of smart contract technology. Eris:db blockchains are permissionable, logic optimized blockchains which run EVM compatible blockchains within a permissioned blockchain network. The following templates are in the pipeline:
* “Single validator eris:db blockchain client for rapid prototyping
* “Seven validator eris:db blockchain network for stable demonstration chains spread across user selected Azure data centers
* “Azure clients will be able to upload the details of their permissioning requirements for the blockchain network in question as part of the instantiation process.”

Cool, right? We think so too.